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MarvelPaws NeoPet-1: Ultimate Pet Grooming & Vacuum Solution

(38 customer reviews)

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Keep your home clean and hair-free with a mess-free grooming experience

Experience a new level of pet grooming with the MarvelPaws™ NeoPet-1! This powerful and compact device combines efficient hair clipping and vacuuming, leaving your pet looking great and your home stays clean.


All-in-One Grooming Solution

The MarvelPaws™ NeoPet-1 comes with 5 professional tools for a complete grooming experience, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Stress-Free Cleanups

With 99% vacuum suction efficiency, this grooming kit captures pet hair directly into the vacuum container, keeping your home spotless and eliminating the need for tedious cleanups.

Personalized Pet Haircuts

Easily style your pet’s hair at home with 5 adjustable comfort guard combs, giving your furry friend a professional and customized look.

Calm & Comfortable Grooming

The low noise design and adjustable suction levels ensure your pet stays relaxed and comfortable throughout the grooming session.

Quick & Easy Cleanup

The removable dust cup allows for mess-free emptying, while the space-saving design ensures convenient storage.

Order yours today!

Upgrade your pet grooming routine with the MarvelPaws™ NeoPet-1 and enjoy a spotless home and a happy, well-groomed pet



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38 reviews for MarvelPaws NeoPet-1: Ultimate Pet Grooming & Vacuum Solution

  1. C


    I loved this when it worked well. It’s been about 8 months and the unit is malfunctioning. The clippers make the loudest grinding noise, the vacuum is losing dictation power and the unit is overheating. There is s one year warranty so I did write to Neatbot for support…we’ll see how they respond.

  2. K

    Kat Angell

    This was a life saver!!! Our very senior, very unhygienic cat cannot or will not clean herself anymore. We were actually having to shave and bath the poor old girl until we found this product. It is truly amazing!!! She hates being shaved and bathed. I honestly don’t know at this point if that kind of stress is good for her health either. This product is so good that she actually loves being brushed with it!!! It has improved everyone’s quality of life, especially hers. She is too old and anxious to go to the groomer anymore and this product really helped or situation. It doesn’t scare her and I don’t even need to hold her down when I brush her now. The vacuum is so convenient, especially since she has so much hair and dandruff. I don’t know what we would do without it. Yes, it was expensive for us but worth every penny. I am not sure if all brands are this amazing, but I would highly recommend it for grooming an older cat.

  3. P

    Paula Daly

    It works pretty good on my Akitas. One doesn’t like the noise. Glad to get some of the hair off the floor.

  4. T

    T. Robertson

    Dog: 5 year old, 110 lb. Floofball Teddybear GoldendoodleMe: inexperienced but determined dog momI will preface this review by saying that I fully support groomers and I know why they charge what they charge!!!Out of the box, this setup looks very professional. It has every tool, lots of guards/combs, and a handy, dandy bag to store all the accessories. The cord is really long and so is the hose, which is fantastic when you are following your uncooperative client. I tend not to read through instructions but this was pretty self explanatory so no problem in the setup.I started clipping within 10 minutes after opening the box. It took about 4 hours the first time and only 2 the second time. I am basically shearing a sheep so my goal is to get a close cut using the shortest guard. This machine is incredible. The noise is minimal compared to other clippers, and the suction is amazing. For my dog, it would be nice to have a larger canister so I didn’t have to empty it every 2 minutes, but that is the only thing that would make the job easier. I am thrilled with this purchase. The blade is great, but I will need to replace it about every two cuts. But I am certain that is due only to the TON of hair on my giant horse-dog. Happy grooming!!!

  5. M

    Melissa Shepherd

    It is amazing for a small dog. We have 2 ShihTzu’s and I wanted something to help extend times between cuts. Both the clippers themselves as well as the vacuum component work well. I can cut them while wearing something black and have very little hair on my clothing. I haven’t really needed to use the other attachments. Highly recommend!!!

  6. C

    Christopher M Davies

    We have 4 labs and an Aussie. This machine is amazing. It did such a great job on all of them. The suction is very powerful. I am excited to have less hair all over my house. I would recommend this to all dog owners..

  7. B

    Brenda L Kittleson

    This grooming kit has everything I need. It is so quiet that even my very jumpy, scared-of-everything doggy will stand still. The hose is long enough to keep the main unit away from him which also helps. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I can groom him indoors now with virtually no mess. This product just made my life easier and my home cleaner.

  8. C


    Best product I have ever used on my fur baby!!! I give it the best rating I could…I highly recommend this to anyone who has a dog that sheds!! Most impressed!!!

  9. S


    I have 2 dogs. A lab and then a husky/shepherd mix. My husky is non-stop sheading. This helped a lot with convince with being able to brush her and it being sucked right into the container. Usually I brush her and get hair all over me and the floor. I still have to brush her almost everyday but this made it easier.

  10. R

    Rosheen Ahmadi

    Got this originally for my cat who sheds a LOT. She never warmed up to the suction/sound even though it’s not very loud. Way better to trim my husbands back hair though lol

  11. D

    Debbie Tracey

    Amazing. Very quiet so it doesn’t upset my dog. It sucks all the hair in whether you are trimming or grooming your dog. Cleans up easily

  12. A

    Amazon Customer

    This grooming vacuum is surprisingly easy and gave me a good result. Not too noisy and not to bulky that my dogs were little hesitant about it at first but quickly accepted. The only negative thing is that the vacuum chamber filled up too fast and got clogged at the suction part with thicker clumps. Overall, it is really good for quick trims and daily maintenance for someone with hairy fir kids

  13. P


    This is my second machine. I needed one for our other home so I wouldn’t have to pack it up. It’s a great investment. My 2 Klee Kia didn’t mind it at all. One actually fell asleep. Highly recommend. Filled up chamber around 8 times between the two and that’s a lot of fur.

  14. K


    Best product I’ve ever invested in for my pets.

  15. k

    kam bamdad

    Works great on my GSD, makes grooming much easier and mess free. Product seems well assembled and the extra attachments are a plus. Get it, your Roomba will thank you as well.

  16. A

    Alis N.

    The first time we used this, it was amazing. The suction was great and my dog did not seem to mind it. However, after the first use, it seem to have lost suction power. I have to manually move the hair towards the hole for it to be vacuumed in. Even after cleaning, it is still the same.

  17. M


    I have 2 cats (that I found I’m allergic to) and 2 dogs. They need frequent brushing to ensure that I’m not going into an allergy fit due to the insurmountable hair everywhere. This thing is a beast and has helped so much when it comes to keeping up with some of the shedding that goes around here.

  18. A

    Amazon Customer

    Good quality. Noise is not loud. No mess easy to use

  19. J

    Jennifer Haywood

    This little machine work’s awesome. The only complaint I have is that it is a little bit loud. My dog was scared at first but it’s very gentle on him.

  20. M

    Mimi V

    A must have! It’s so convenient and easy to use. The only thing I would highly recommend is to brush your dogs hair and remove matting, so it doesn’t get tangled with the clippers.The best part is that’s it’s mess-free!

  21. T

    Trent Kadyn Dean

    Gets the job done. My cat is fussy and he doesn’t like any grooming but this thing makes it go by so much faster so he can get back to sun bathing.

  22. E

    Erik Hvolboll

    Dogs love it

  23. C

    Cindy Winston

    I was hoping for more suction. I have 2 pugs that shed alot. I was hoping this product would help me keep the shedding under control but I do not see it helping very much at all.

  24. G

    German Shepard Mom

    We have a 3 year old German shepherd, the kind where the dog hair sticks to everything but the dog! He loved being combed with this! Running is super easy & it’s not loud. (a plus for my big scary baby). Easy enough for your toddler to brush out the dog. Well worth the purchase.

  25. G

    Greater Means

    This is easy to use. I love the concept. It takes some work for a perfect groom but works good for trimmings and brushing inside without the mess..

  26. Y


    We used it to trim our Bernedoodle. And it worked amazingly. Totally recommend this to anyone.

  27. G


    Saves my mom $60 each time we use it, works so well!!

  28. K


    Value is amazing for what functionality is offered!

  29. A

    Alissa La Croix

    We love this little thing! The brushes work great for our German Shephard . The razor is great for our Poodle cross. The vacuum is quiet enough that we can also use it on our cat. Our only complaint is that the canister is a little on the small side.

  30. T

    Tyra Bell

    This is the best thing I have ever purchased online. It is quiet enough that my nervous lil pups are fine with it. It is easy to use and clean. Clippers are smooth. Love love love!!!

  31. J

    Jenn Barker

    So far the product is working well with combing/deshedding my labs.

  32. C

    Carolyn E. Coogan

    This is powerful & makes grooming my lil 3 Cockapoo dogs so much easier. Whoever designed this had a fabulous idea. I love it!!!

  33. J


    I have a German shepherd so this brushing vacuum is a must have! I use it daily to clean and vacuum my dog and my floor as well.

  34. v

    valerie buttery

    Easy to use

  35. C


    Really helps to keep the shedding under control. Dogs don’t mind it on or near them. Does what it says it does.

  36. s


    This is amazing I’m allergic to my cats and this is the best purchase I’ve ever made

  37. C

    Connie J.

    I love it works so great

  38. M

    Mike Delaney

    Much better picking up pet hairs than our vacuum. A Dyson, no less. Easy to use, stow away, and lightweight. Great product!

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