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PetVenture™ – Spacious Adventure Backpack for Furry Explorers

(41 customer reviews)


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Hurry, limited stock available! Don’t miss the chance to treat your pet to the ultimate travel experience



PetVenture™: Spacious Adventure Backpack for Furry Explorers – Comfort and Convenience for You and Your Pet

Travel with your pet just got a whole lot easier! With PetVenture™, you can now explore the great outdoors with your furry companion by your side. Our spacious and comfortable backpack is specifically designed to keep your pet safe and relaxed while giving you the convenience of hands-free travel.

Discover the PetVenture™ Advantage:

  • Breathable Materials: Crafted from premium PVC and Oxford cloth, our backpack ensures proper ventilation for your pet’s comfort
  • Adjustable Straps: The reinforced adjustable shoulder straps ensure a comfortable fit for you during your adventures
  • Detachable Soft Bottom Mat: Easy to clean and maintain, keeping your pet’s space hygienic
  • Transparent Design & Convertible Top: Allows your pet to enjoy the view and sunlight, while the convertible top provides additional ventilation and easy access
  • Comfortable Carrying: Reinforced adjustable shoulder straps provide you with a comfortable and secure way to carry your pet on any adventure



Happiness guaranteed! We’re committed to providing an unforgettable experience for both you and your pet. If you’re not absolutely delighted with your PetVenture™ backpack, reach out to us within 30 days and we’ll make it right with our hassle-free customer support. Get your PetVenture™ backpack now and embark on unforgettable adventures with your furry friend

41 reviews for PetVenture™ – Spacious Adventure Backpack for Furry Explorers

  1. D


    It’s a great bag, large, the straps are OK on your shoulders. Meaning the padding aren’t as soft and supportive. However the bay is large I wouldn’t push past 17 lbs. my cat is 19lb and he is crammed in there and forced to stand the entire walk. 2 things to mention 1) please air it out, strong manufacture smell. 2) the back panel does collapse into your kittys space when wearing , mainly because it doesn’t ‘sit’ completely flat when you wear the bag.

  2. L

    Linda Schultz

    It is a great cat backpack. My cat Did not want to go in it.

  3. M

    Morgane Erenati

    So far so good but avoid GREY, because it is more like a dirty grey than a bright / silver grey as shown on the picture. Had I known that, I would definitly have orderer the black one.As it took me 6 weeks to get from somewhere in China, event thought it is said that that you can have it much faster, forget any plan for an exchange to get a black one.It is OK for the cat, but I am dispointed overall because the “look and feel” is important for me, and partly justified the expense. Cheaper products are available. So OK but be carefull if you do carefully choose your accessories and the way they match together ! Don’t laugh !! I know I am not the only one 🙂

  4. G

    Gavin Huggins

    Great customer service. Genuinely make things better

  5. D

    Donald Ruple

    I really liked the window for my cat to look out of while I carry him.

  6. D


    Very lightweight easy to wear comfortable for cat easy to use.

  7. J

    Jonathan McBailey

    I’ve been using this carrier to get my cats to and from the vet for the past two years and they love it. It’s great to be able to bike to the vet instead of having to drive them in the car. No issues and people also love to see it.

  8. B


    Very good size my cat is 10Kg she fits in it with spare room. She loves to look from the bubble. She also loves that she can hide as well. Cannot get her out after the third trip.Good quality did not expect this from China.

  9. A

    Amazon Customer

    I am 5’7 and this would have been too big for me to carry around a 15 lb cat. It is a nice carrier tho.

  10. B

    B. B.

    My cat gets quite scared to travel to the vet in a traditional plastic crate. He was so much more comfortable and at ease in this carrier. He is 13 pounds and fit fine in this. He used the little bubble window to look out and was basically a completely different cat than the normal fearful fella when we arrived at the vet. I love this carrier because I love seeing him at ease.

  11. E


    This bag is great! I leave it out all the time for my cat to get used to it. I put him inside and take him to the vet. My cat is not scared and is looking outside through the round window, intrigued by the world. It is so easy to carry as well, since is a back pack. It is worth every penny!

  12. D

    Diane Luff

    Back pack has no structural form so it as you move around, climb bend etc the animal also moves and gets crushed. My 18 lb mainecoon fits but. It comfortably. The window is to low for him to look out.

  13. T

    Thomas RI

    My 21lb fatso cat fits… but he’s not a happy camper. Took him on a 20hr road trip and a crate would have been better. For normal cats I’d expect its pretty roomy.

  14. A


    Backpack is beautiful, good quality, beautiful colour, big enough for my 10 month Mainecoon I’m sure will be suits him for long time.

  15. C


    I was overwhelmed by how many different travel backpacks for cats there are! I don’t want my kitty (Bing bong) roaming the busy city on his own but I also don’t want to deprive him of the outdoors. This bag had good reviews and I can see why! It’s really good quality, comfortable for the wearer and the little guy seems to really like it 🙂 I highly suggest you buy this adventure carrier !!

  16. S

    Sandra Carlson

    So far so good. The pack fitsy 20lb mainecoon. He actually has room to move around and get comfortable. I am only using it on my bike so far. The bottom seems fine but I haven’t used it to walk long distances yet. The window works well. The zippers are good. The straps are good. The inside security teather is holding.Wish there was a second top flap, may have to add something to cover the open mesh.All in all, so far a great pack and the size is awesome.

  17. N

    Noah K

    My orange cat, Nezuko, has always a been very curious about the outdoors. Unfortunately, I live in the city and don’t want her running around with all of the traffic. She always rolls around at the front door whenever I’m about to leave so I knew I needed to get her out and about. This pack is comfortable for me to wear and for her to observe from. I plan on riding mountain bike trails with her and just maybe taking her out on my sport bike. I’m so happy to take her with me to the store, out on trails, and whatever adventures await us. It’s also pretty cool that she has little windows to see through the sides. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to take their beloved cats out on adventures!

  18. N


    The first time I put it together, Squeaktoy jumped into the backpack carrier.

  19. R

    Richard H.

    My cat loves it. I won’t get into long story but it’s Exactly the same as the ‘name brand one’.A buddy of mine bought the $125 Cat backpack, I won’t name it here you can look it up. I then bought this one for half the price of that one. Shocker…It’s the same bag!!My cat loves it. All you gotta do is put the glass bubble OR the round screen, we use the bubble, zipper up the bottom, insert the hard bottom plate and enjoy. Took 2 mins. It’s sturdy well built and holds my 16 pound cat great.Highly recommend. It’s just small enough for most cats to feel safe yet big enough for them to stand, sit turn around. Great bag!!

  20. A

    Alyssa Thompson

    Moved across the states for 16 hours, my cat is extremely long but slim, and it’s so hard to find a carrier for her size. besides the fact within 2 hours my cat peed inside the carrier was great I was able to safely buckle her in and switching carriers was easy, once I got to my new place, I fill the bathtub up with soap and water to hand wash it and there is no longer a urine smell, which is surprising ! I thought I would’ve had to throw it away but no! The bottom piece did take alittle longer to dry but that’s because it has the soft fabric. Overall impressed and wish she was able to make it the entire trip insideDon’t expect it to have the sturdiness of a caged carrier, it’s a sturdy backpack but holds your cat safely and it helps the cats to feel comfortable

  21. t


    great and super cute. I like that if you open the smaller opening on top and set it on its “back” it becomes a “cat cave” so she can hang out there and it becomes a familiar place so when we do need to put her in it it not a stuggle.

  22. R

    Rebecca Jackson

    So if you look in any of the reviews, you can see that the lead snaps off very easily. Since I was aware of this flaw, when I got it, I put on a small amount of pressure to see if mine would also snap and it did immediately.The lead is attached by a single stitch, looped up under a small amount of fabric and it cannot withstand ANY force, let alone what an animal would do.I would say that this is still a good backpack carrier overall, but if you buy it, be prepared to sew it back in first. Snap it off (like I did) and use some strong stitches to attach it to the strap that holds the top, rather than the backpack part itself. And yes, use some force to make sure it sticks.With all that in mind, it would be good for the money in general, but the lead’s flaw definitely makes it impossible for me to give it a higher rating since the safety of the animal within is so important.

  23. C

    Cami Howard

    I’ve taken my Bobby out a couple times since I got the backpack. He does real well in it, He’s able to lay down comfortably or sit up and it’s very comfortable on my back.

  24. A


    Very sturdy, roomy, and great air-flow! My cat LOVEs this backpack. He is 13lb and has enough room to stand up tall, turn around/do circles, and even sleep in the backpack (he often rests his little chin inside bubble while laying down). I don’t have a traditional pet carrier anymore because this backpack works so well! Whether my cat and I are going on a walk in a park or going to vet appointments, everyone loves the view and so does my cat. He will often jump inside the backpack when he sees me heading out the door!

  25. M

    Megan Castillo

    Not exactly what I expected- not very big for something marketed for “large cats”. Definitely can’t keep the cat in such a small space on long trips.

  26. V

    Venus Farhadi

    Depending on the breed of your cat this bag (or any bag) can be too big or too small, but if you pay attention to the size provided for this item before making the purchase you will find either size (medium/large) to be spacious, comfortable and safe for your fur baby.I would definitely recommend this bag 🙂

  27. T


    This is probably the best quality I’ve seen in this type of bags and I’ve tried different ones that are sold through Amazon and other retailers. My cat weighs 10 pound and she has room to move around in the bag. She loves to stick her head out when we walk around outdoor. The shoulder straps are comfortable enough for me to carry her for a couple of hours. I wish it comes in more colors other than brown and gray but this is minor. Overall. I’m very happy that I’ve found this bag and would highly recommend this for pets maybe 15lbs and under.

  28. B

    Belinda Arrell

    Great durability and its breathable which is important to me for the comfort of the kitty. Good price and product!

  29. s


    Great product, with sense of respect for pets. My cat loves it and enjoys the rides.

  30. S

    Sean Reyell

    Prior to using this backpack, we would use a small backpack that was uncomfortable to bring our cat on bike rides.Now she has enough room to lay down and nap or look around comfortably. This is of pretty decent quality for the price.

  31. I

    In The Clouds

    the kittens and big cat all love hanging out in this bag, the kittens have a blast playing in it, but because the window is not secure no matter what I try, I can’t safely use this as a backpack.

  32. s


    Our cat loves it

  33. D


    I bought this for my 13 lbs Maltipoo who is kinda tall for her breed. I was worried this carrier would be too small for her and/or sink under her weight. While it’s not as roomy as I’d like, she fits in it sitting up with the top closed, can turn around and can curl up to lay down if she wants, which I tried to get pics of but she wasn’t going for it. The bottom is sturdy and doesn’t sink at all. Like other reviewers, I wish there was a waist strap in additional to the chest strap for comfortability, I may buy one to add on. I velcroed a portable fan to the inside because I’m in a very hot area and I worry about her over heating even though I am satisfied with the ventilation of this bag for normal weather conditions. I taped a metal straw horizontally under the bubble window because when my dog stands up to look out the front, the front of the bag caves a lot and looks like she’ll fall out. The straw eliminated that. Overall, I’m happy with the quality, price and fit of this bag. Looking forward to many adventures with my girl!

  34. k


    This backpack is one of the biggest I’ve been able to find and my 14.5 lb Ragdoll fits in it well, I wouldn’t say there’s tons of room but he can lay down cuddled up and not be squished uncomfortably. Having said that, considering this is a backpack for large cats there should be a waist strap as well as the shoulder straps. I’m trying to find a way to attach something which should help distribute the weight so it’s not all on the shoulders. I have another cat backpack that’s smaller but includes this strap so I don’t know why this one doesn’t. Anyways if it had this I would definitely give it a higher score.

  35. M

    Marca Andriesse

    Bubble came bent so it didn’t fit the ring to secure tightly. The company was great in responding and resolving the issue. My daughter loves this bag for her cat, otherwise!

  36. S

    Sarah Beaman

    First, my kitten really likes this carrier and will play in it. She is also comfortable being in it when I go out with her. Since her opinion matters the most…The quality of the materials is very good and it is very sturdy.The backpack straps are comfortable, not like thin uncomfortable straps put on as an afterthought.It does fit nicely under airplane seats, even on smaller planes.I did have an incident where the zipper broke on a plane, with a different kitten they might have tried to get away, but she didn’t and I was able to fix the zipper. Once a zipper goes bad though, it can’t be trusted.I contacted the company and they responded within less than a day.They sent out a replacement within a couple of days, which is really great service.The pack also has an interior tether, which I hook to her harness in case of emergency, like with the zipper.Overall, I’m super pleased with the carrier and the service.

  37. P

    Paige Donovan

    I have two kittens so I will be needing another one come springtime. I constantly get compliments on how cute this backpack is. I will say, it is not meant for large cats. One very large cat could be extremely cramped in the backpack and super heavy to carry. However, I think this is really great for a regular sized cat. My kittens love playing in the backpack and have become very comfortable with being put inside it. Overall, I really like this product.

  38. C

    Cristin Schieder

    I have a long, heavy cat. He’s usually too big for cat backpacks, but fits well in this one with enough room to turn around. The backpack is sturdy and fits comfortably on my back.

  39. J

    Jasmine Sutton

    I bought this product for my cat’s enjoyment, right? Patches is 5 months old; I use this bag to take her out and about. I’ve used thing a lot. Before using it however, I even let her explore it for a long time before using it. She does wonderful when it’s laying down. She will go and just sleep in there sometimes. She LOVES the softness of the inside. However, she FIGHTS me like you wouldn’t believe when I go to take her out now. If I catch her first thing in the morning, she’s pretty mellow. Doesn’t mind going to the vet in it. I put her in there to take her on a walk and she becomes this little demon from hell. Claws out, fighting while swinging her paws everywhere. After several claw marks going from elbow to wrist, I usually end up winning, barely. Now, when I out it on, I can’t wear it on my back at all. She screams like I’m murdering her. I have to wear it on my front, looking like an angry, pregnant human hippo. Yes, a pregnant hippo. I’m already slightly overweight, keep in mind. It’s just, I have to lean back to keep the screaming jumping bean from trying to rip the top open and go for my face. Now, she has a slight opening from the top to get her started. They have a hook to attach to their harness or collar to the bag to ensure she won’t run away. Since she’s too small for a harness, I can’t clip it to her collar, or she’ll choke herself. I could leave it in the bag and off of her but then as we walk, it slams into her head, as it swings back and forth. I don’t like being hit in the head so, I TRY to be nice and leave it out. Unfortunately, like I said earlier, doing that makes an opening that can help her escape her cozy prison. Now, once she settles down, she will sit down and stare at the people as we walk through our small town. She likes watching the people, seeing the cars whizz by, and stares with intent to kill at all the wildlife around us. The biggest drawback honestly is where it lets air in EVERYWHERE. We went out for a walk, and she was shivering so bad, I had to put a blanket inside to help keep her warm. To sum it up, I like this bag because I can actually take Patches out to enjoy nature or travel to the vet in comfort. I also am not hurting my wrist carrying a huge plastic prison box. I just wish it was a little warmer and more comfortable to carry on your chest.

  40. Q


    I have a 5 month Siberian kitten, about 4.5 lbs. We took her to the vet for the first time today. The bag is very spacious – a lot of room for her to relax. It feels like good quality. Ziggy loves it.

  41. C


    I have a large breed cat (about 20lbs) and wanted something that would make them more comfortable when we travel. This backpack was perfect. It supports their weight and my cat actually loves it. We leave it out so that they can jump in it whenever they want. It’s a much bigger hit than the old cat carrier. I would definitely recommend this to cat parents.

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